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Warhammer Quest board game coming to PC in January

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Rodeo Games are bringing Warhammer Quest to PC in January. It’s been 19 years since the release of the original board game but from 7 January you’ll be able to wade through seas of goblins, orcs, and beastmen in a part-based RPG dungeon crawler, seeking out bigger and better loot.

Rodeo Games’ adaptation sticks close to the original paper and card setup. You command a small party of heroes in a turn-based dungeon crawler. Each step will reveal a new chunk of dungeon and either loot or (more likely) monsters. Killing monsters nets you XP and loot, leading to level ups and powerful equipment.

The original board game was brutally difficult, especially in the early game, because dice control most of Warhammer Quest’s mechanics. Whether you hit, how much damage you do, even how much mana you got each turn was down to dice rolls. This could lead to easy runs where the dice are on your side or early game wipeouts because everyone was rolling ones and twos.

Rodeo have carried a lot of that design over into the PC adaptation, for good or ill. However, if you were a fan of the original Warhammer Quest you don’t need to worry that your old friend’s been gutted to become more mainstream.

Games Workshop have been very proactive recently in seeing their old games adapted to the PC. Though, as was the case with Space Hulk, a straight adaptation from board to screen doesn’t always suit the game best.

Warhammer Quest has already been released on tablets and we’ll be receiving a port of that version on the PC. The reviews I’ve read say it looks and plays excellently but that many of the dice rolls are kept hidden to reduce screen clutter. This can be confusing as a player because you don’t know how the game’s actions are being calculated.

Rodeo Games have set Warhammer Quest’s release date for 7 January, so we don’t have long to see how well the boardgame makes the leap to the PC.