Vermintide 2 gets easier with buffs to nearly every career path

warhammer vermintide 2 difficulty career path buffs

Fatshark detailed some of the updates coming for Vermintide 2 last month, including mods and Steam Workshop support. They also said they were looking to make the game a bit less punishing and a new patch seems to be the first step making that happen.

Vermintide 2’s difficulty often channels MMO raids to the game’s benefit, so let’s hope that doesn’t change.

Vermintide 2 patch 1.0.5 has seen weapons rebalanced to ensure cleave is more effective with some, especially against large enemy hordes. To keep the focus on close-range combat, some enemies have also been made more resistant to staggering. These changes are set to have the greatest effect on Champion and Legend difficulties.

Hero Power caps have also been changed, with no caps for Champion and Legend, Veteran Hero Power between 400 and 600 will interpolate to 500, and Recruit Hero Power between 200 and 600 will interpolate toward a max of 300. Veteran chest rewards will now be capped at 300 rather than 200. “We don’t want Hero Power progression in the game to stop at Veteran,” the developers say. “This change makes it less punishing to stay in Veteran to gain Hero Power.”

Perhaps most significant are a big array of changes to all the heroes and career paths, buffing just about every character in the game. That should certainly make runs above Veteran a bit more manageable – as will a reduced frequency for additional horde spawns while you’re still engaged in combat. Check out all the details in the full patch notes.