Smite meets Fable in castle siege game Warlander

The Warlander MOBA from Toylogic looks a lot like Smite and Fable together, and from what we've seen so far, it's an excellent combination

Warlander is Smite meets Fable: A group of soldiers approach a castle with a battering ram

Toylogic’s upcoming MOBA game Warlander is Smite meets Fable, as the developers describe it, and after getting a chance to see the game in action ourselves, it’s certainly shaping up to be an apt description and winning combination. The 100-player war game is a spiritual successor to Toylogic’s Happy Wars, but creates a distinct identity for itself by looking to medieval style and architecture for its setting and visuals. That’s the Fable part of it.

The Smite elements are built into the game’s foundation. Unlike other MOBAs, except Smite, Warlander uses a third-person perspective instead of a top-down one, and the limited vision creates a different kind of challenge while navigating the lanes. Rather than defeating the enemy Titan, your goal is tearing down their keep, and you have plenty of tools at your disposal to help.

Battering rams make short work of a keep’s gates, while ladders severely undermine enemy defenses. Catapults and other siege engines help keep foes at bay and may provide cover for your advancing army. Of course, the opposing team has the same tools, so you need to plan your approach carefully.

Traditional roles, such as healers, exist in Warlander, but you’ll divide your forces into teams to make the most of your power. The tower squad, for example, will devote their time to building defensive structures and may venture out of the keep to attack if enemy squads get too close. Meanwhile, the special ops squad will roam the map and capture objectives, making it easier to bring down your foes in the process.

Then there’s there commander unit, who has access to a detailed map and can issue directives to different units and squads, such as designating sites for capture or defensive fortifications that need attention.

Units earn valor for completing objectives. Gaining enough valor to fill the meter up earns you a star, which means you can then invite a one-star character to the field. The same applies once you gain two stars and beyond, with a five-star character being the strongest possible. You also earn titles, which can influence your attributes.

Don’t expect to dominate the field with your squad of five-stars, though. Respawn timers gradually get longer the more stars you have. One-star characters take 80 seconds to respawn. Five stars take 480, which admittedly seems a bit too long, though that’s the kind of thing likely to change after playtests.

Speaking of playtests, Warlander’s playtest goes live this week so you can check it out for yourself. Toylogic plans on gifting testers with unique items such as emblems or other cosmetics as a thank-you for their time.

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