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Titanfall 2 meets Doom Eternal in ultra-fast FPS going wild on Steam

Titanfall 2, Doom Eternal, Quake, and Neon White come together for a super-fast FPS that’s rated ‘very positive’ and available to try via a free Steam download.

Warstride Challenges Steam: A huge snarling monster from Steam FPS game Warstride Challenges

Titanfall 2 may be a fading memory, a classic shooter that somehow never got all the love and attention it deserved, but that doesn’t mean its spirit has faded. On the contrary, Titanfall 2’s wall-running, platform-leaping gunplay lives on, combined with the lightning-fast pace of Doom Eternal, the arena-shooter style of classic Quake, and the frenzied score-attack modes from Neon White. I’m talking about all these great FPS games, blended into a brand-new run-and-gunner that’s already hit ‘very positive’ Steam user reviews. This is Warstride Challenges, and you can try it right now with a free Steam download.

Like all the best FPS games, the set up in Warstride Challenges is simple. The clock is ticking. The level is filled with enemies, pitfalls, springboards, and surfaces for parkour. You need to get from one end to the other and kill everything before the time runs out.

This is the movement-driven shooter pushed to the limit. Fast, fluid, and committed exclusively to fun, Warstride also boasts a terrific metal soundtrack and a visual style that feels part Doom, part Quake, and part Cyberpunk.

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Guns are hefty and varied, enemies explode into gratifying gallons of gore, and if it weren’t for the ultra-smooth performance and shimmering lighting you’d swear you were back in the ‘90s. There’s a single-player campaign, and you can also challenge friends via online races (who can kill everything and get to the end first?) and create your own maps.

With more than 150 Steam reviews, Warstride Challenges is already rated ‘very positive’ on Valve’s storefront. To celebrate the launch, it’s also available at a 25% discount, meaning you can get the whole game for $14.99 / £13.49 down from $19.99 / £17.99. And if you’re still not convinced, there’s even a free demo. Check it out here.

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