W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios reveals lineup of the hottest new indie games

W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios, in partnership with PCGamesN, is showcasing the greatest new indie games at a live event, and you can see some of the lineup right now.

W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios lineup: A collection of sci-fi characters from RPG game The Fermi Paradox

W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios, in partnership with PCGamesN, is heading to London for a huge live event showcasing the best, brightest, and most unconventional indie games in the world right now. From personal passion projects to in-depth RPGs and building games, if you want to be at the forefront of gaming culture, and meet with the next generation of developers shaping the future of the medium, tickets are available now. Here’s some of what you can see and play when W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios arrives on Friday, September 14.

W.A.S.D. x IGN has scoured the gaming landscape to find the most imaginative and creative indie projects today. Strategy games, story-driven adventures, and highly personal works that refuse to fit any established genre – you can find them all at our upcoming live event and meet with industry experts to discuss videogaming’s new wave. Take a look at some of the lineup down below.

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A psychedelic word game where you solve tile-based puzzles and compete against a colorful, roguelike-inspired fantasy world. Created by Studio Folly, it’s a perfect combination of trippy animation and Scrabble.

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Noun Town: Language Learning

Wish you could speak another language? Noun Town is a vibrant, interactive learning tool where you can build your vocabulary by completing intuitive and fun minigames. Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and more are all at your fingertips.

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Mars First Logistics

Interactive Lego meets a hard-science space adventure in this wonderfully drawn building game where you design and construct your own Mars rovers.

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A Squirrel Must Have Buried It

You stand in a barren, windy garden while your laundry hangs on the line. By interacting with the wildlife around you, you slowly unfurl a personal tale of nature and life.

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So To Speak

Explore a lovingly created 2D version of Japan and use signs, clues, and everything you see around you to gradually learn over 300 Japanese words and phrases.

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Phoenix Springs

A stylised mystery and adventure game where you wander a gorgeous, illustrated wilderness trying to find your lost brother. Things are not what they seem.

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Esoteric Ebb

A love letter to the DnD and the classic days of PC gaming, Esoteric Ebb is a single-player, isometric RPG where you uncover a sinister government conspiracy alongside your trusty goblin sidekick.

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The Lone Blade

Your soul is trapped inside a sword. Leap, slash, and stab your way through a giant fantasy world to try and recover your full form. Think Journey meets Getting Over It.

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Time Bandit

Solve physics puzzles, carefully manage your time, and try to escape the confines of your day job before your boss uses your flesh to make time crystals.

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The Fermi Paradox

Every choice matters in this sci-fi, narrative strategy game as you guide a variety of alien species through millennia of technological and social developments.

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Three factions compete for dominion over the vibrant but dangerous world of Cantata in this ‘grand tactics’ game that mixes long-form strategy with RTS combat.

W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios, in partnership with PCGamesN, is at the Truman Brewery in London from Friday, September 14 to Sunday, September 16. You can get tickets right here, and you can see the full range of playable games here.

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