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Fallout meets SimCity in new roguelike strategy game

Fallout’s post-apocalyptic survival meets PC classic SimCity, in a new roguelike strategy game available now with a sweet little discount on Steam.

Wastelander Steam: A crashed spaceship in roguelike strategy game Wastelander

Fallout is the ultimate post-apocalyptic survival sim. You scrounge for weapons, barely keep yourself alive with old boxes of Sugar Bombs, and slowly rebuild and protect settlements with the – ahem – help of Preston Garvey. On the contrary, SimCity is a stone-cold PC classic, one of the earliest city builders and testament to simple premise and crisp, clean UI can actually create one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time. So, if Fallout is great, and SimCity is also great, how about we throw them together? Meet Wastelander, a new roguelike strategy game that’s just launched on Steam with a nice introductory discount.

A turn-based colony building game, Wastelander’s vast campaign takes place across randomly seeded and generated maps. The goal is simple: beginning with absolutely nothing, you need to explore the hostile alien planet around you, unlock new tiles, and start to build all the necessities for surviving the harsh, quasi-nuclear landscape.

But here’s the twist. Like the violent radiation storms that ravage the Glowing Sea, the planet in Wastelander is aggressively fighting back. You’re essentially on a time limit, to harvest resources, construct amenities, and complete all your infrastructure before the environment obliterates you for good.

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There are daily challenges, multiple difficulty settings, and the entire visual design is reminiscent of classic strategy games. Even better, since it’s only just released, you can get Wastelanders for a 10% discount, meaning the whole game is yours for just $8.99 / £7.65.

If you like a tough strategy sim that mixes long-term planning with quick thinking, and miss the days of SimCity and War Wind, you can get Wastelander on Steam right now.

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