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Watch Dogs 2’s latest trailer sports Hollywood style hacking, and an amazingly hairy beard

Dušan Nemic, the man with the most unfortunate first syllable in all of nomenclature

Is Christmas 2016 going to be the battle of the open worlds? Yesterday I was foaming at the mouth looking at Mafia 3‘s latest trailer, and today I’m having a remarkably similar experience watching the latest Watch Dogs 2 promo pushed out by our overlords at Ubisoft.

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The latest splash focuses on protagonist Marcus Holloway as he meets up with hacking gang DedSec. The trailer is surprisingly plot heavy, detailing their clash with Blume – the company dead set on grabbing and exploiting data on every single one of us.

Blume’s CTO Dusan Nemec also features throughout the video’s near three minute run, sporting the kind of beard that’d make even PCGamesN’s most hirsute writers just a little bit jealous. Nemec’s motivations are unclear, but it appears he basically wants to control the world by knowing everything each and every one of us is doing, at all times.

Oh, and it also features the return of Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney, who led the way in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood. He’s got a pretty decent beard, too.

Other than that, the video is a typical cut-and-thrust Hollywood like affair, showcasing Ubisoft’s digital take on the beautiful city of San Francisco off to its fullest. In short, it’s all looking more than half decent, though the proof will be in the playing, of course.

Ubisoft is looking for Watch Dogs 2 to do big things this Christmas. Yesterday saw the French publishing giant proclaim itself as the world’s most profilific games outfit in 2016 to date, with The Division the year’s best seller.

We’re expecting big things too – our very own Matt Purslow has just described the gameas what Rockstar would make if it decided to aim its sights “at the cybercrime TV show Mr. Robot”, all based on a two hour long hands on. That’s big talk, Matt.

You’ll be able to pick up Watch Dogs 2 on November 15.