Watch Dogs developers consult Kaspersky Lab to make hacking realistic


Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

Considering almost every other action in Watch Dogs will be some form of hacking Ubisoft are wanting to make sure it seems as realistic as possible. To that end they’ve consulted cyber security company Kaspersky Lab, double and triple-checking that everything in the game is close to reality.

Speaking to Joystiq, senior producer Dominic Guay said “We’re working with Kaspersky Lab, a big security firm. They have really hardcore experts there on hacking. We send them some of our designs and we ask them feedback on it, and it’s interesting to see what gets back. Sometimes they say, ‘Yeah, that’s possible, but change that word,’ or, ‘That’s not the way it works.’

So it’s more about getting the wording right on their in-game hacking text, loading up the right sort of programmes, checking the dialogue is all appropriate. It’s nice to see a developer doing the research to get it right, too often we have some questionable lines of dialogue rock up in games *cough* “all your base belong to us” *cough*.