Watch Dogs footage shows base capture and tech infiltration


Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

The latest footage of open-world hack’em’up Watch Dogs reveals how the game will be broken down into districts, each with a cyber security facility designed to prevent you from gaining access to its residents phones and laptops. Acting much like the pirate encampments and radio masts in Far Cry 3, capturing these facilities will open up a region to be exploited.

The video also shows a car chase and a stolen robot sex droid. So, if that floats your boat, read on.

As I said up top, Watch Dogs looks to be taking a leaf out of Far Cry 3’s book, breaking its world down into capturable districts. Though Ubi’s ditched the pirates in favour of secretive government goons.

From the commentary provided by the guys at OPM, it sounds as if Ubisoft are going for world packed with incidental details shot through with story missions. Meaning, those folk who love to 100% games and learn that little bit more about world in doing so will have a ball with Watch Dogs. That point, for instance, when the player climbs to the top of the block of flats and hacks the building’s WiFi, takes control of the webcam of one of the laptops in the building and spies on the guy sitting all loved up with his stolen droid, I can’t imagine that will play significantly into the game. What it does do is touch on what that world’s relationship with technology has become. So much like what is achieved with all the overheard conversations in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I’m quite wary of Watch Dogs. There’s a great deal of potential in what Ubisoft have said of the game. It’s certainly easy to let your imagination run with the possibilities of what hacking could allow in a futuristic connected city but it’s how those possibilities will actually appear in the game. To me, there seems like a good chance we’ll end up with a game much like Sleeping Dogs but with an added ability to take over security cameras and activate street bollards during a car chase. That’d be a fine game. It just wouldn’t be the amazing thing I hope Watch Dogs will be.