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Watch Dogs multiplayer trailer infiltrates and hacks a friend


Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

We already know how Watch Dogs’ multiplayer component works, and we’re pretty excited about the prospect of annoying our friends by hacking their games. To keep that excitement in tact some new footage has found its way online demonstrating yet more possibilities to cause cat-and-mouse mayhem in the upcoming third person app-and-CCTV-exploiting game.

The trailer highlights both the Tom and Jerry side of the competitive multiplayer, first showing a player defending from an infiltrating hacker, and then turning the tables to demonstrate putting a friend/enemy in the sights of your smartphone. As expected it is highly reminiscent of the best elements of Assassin’s Creed’s multiplayer, with the hacker attempting to blend in with NPCs to avoid the hackee’s attention. When alerted, those on the receiving end of malicious computer activity must first identify their assailant (shown here by the nift use of some surveillance equipment) before they can kill or chase them off.

It’s imaginative stuff and certainly the very opposite end of the spectrum from ‘tacked on’ multiplayer experiences. It looks to be a troll’s paradise though, so we’re thankful that you will be able to turn the multiplayer off too should you want to just get on with your own thing, rather than constantly looking over your shoulder.

Thanks, OXM