Watch Dogs trailer shows how your mobile can be used to beat people up


Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

I use my smartphone as an egg timer. Watch Dog’s Aiden Pearce uses it to switch off streetlights – like Dumbledore’s deluminator in the first chapter of the the first Harry Potter book – and then beat up policemen in the dark – decidedly unlike Dumbledore. A new trailer out from Ubisoft shows how Pearce has future Chicago in the palm of his hand.

As we get closer to Watch Dogs 22 November release date I’m getting a more distinct impression that Aiden Pearce is a bit of a dick. I’m sure the security forces that surveil the city are all dark and malicious souls but we’ve not really seen much of that in the media released by Ubi. Instead, we’ve seen a load of videos of Aiden stealing cars, knee-capping technicians, and smacking police in the dark.

At least in Grand Theft Auto you go into the game knowing you’re a heartless criminal out for thrills but I’m sure Ubisoft are pitching Aiden as a vigilante out to save the city. At the moment, I’m likely to walk him under the nearest articulated lorry the moment I get control of him. Do future Chicago a favour.

Cheers, PC Gamer.