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Steak out: Watch Dogs’ Bad Blood campaign makes a protagonist of T-Bone, does co-op

RV Eugene will be upgraded throughout Bad Blood.

Bad Blood is a new excuse to career around future Chicago and fiddle with the bollards. It turns out Blume Corp whistleblower T-Bone boasts a skillset similar enough to Aiden’s that he can stand in for the great grumpykins in a whole new campaign.

At the end of the month, we’ll follow the anti-hippy hacker through 10 missions in new locations, and take on co-op contracts – a Watch Dogs first.

Bad Blood picks up the trail of Raymond ‘T-Bone’ Kenney shortly after the events of Watch Dogs proper. A trail is exactly the thing he doesn’t want: when our story begins, we find T-Bone infiltrating Blume once more to plant false evidence of his whereabouts.

Before he can leave the tech-noir world behind and join a commune, however, he receives a frightened call from one Tobias Frewer – a former ctOS colleague in need. T-Bone drops his plans, but soon learns that Frewer’s tale is taller than it first appears.

Street Sweep contracts are set to freshen an old open-world, meanwhile. These side missions are playable in co-op, with friends or in public sessions, and should provide a welcome break from the frantic aggression of conventional Watch Dogs multiplayer.

Oh, and Eugene, from the trailer? He’s upgradable with offensive and defensive perks, natch.

Bad Blood will come to season pass holders on September 23, and the rest of us on September 30. Have you lot got any plans to show up on the grid again?