Watch Nvidia’s RTX 2080 announcement livestream here

Get the first details of Nvidia's new gaming CPUs here today

Nvidia Turing architecture

Nvidia’s big ol’ GeForce Gaming Celebration is going to start Gamescom with a bang tonight, rocking Cologne the night before the show kicks off in earnest. But if you can’t get to Cologne yourself, or have missed out on the publicly available tickets for the event, then you can watch the entire livestream right here on PCGamesN.

We’re on the ground in Cologne right now and we’ll be getting hands-on with a host of upcoming PC games and, of course, we’ll be watching Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, strut the stage detailing the latest in PC graphics cards with the new RTX 2080. And there may even be a surprise appearance of an RTX 2080 Ti, 2070, and 2060 too if the rampant wild speculation is to be believed.

And Jen-Hsun has kicked off with “every single spec online is wrong.” Oh dear, oh dear…

Whatever the truth of the matter, you’ll know first by tuning into the GeForce Gaming Celebration livestream here tonight, Monday 20 August, 2018, at 6pm CET (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 5pm UK). The stream is being hosted on Nvidia’s Twitch channel, with the countdown ticking along right now.

We’re expecting to hear out first details about the upcoming Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics cards on this evening, hopefully with the release date and some news about pricing being given up too.

We know they’re going to be based on the same Nvidia Turing architecture the company announced at SIGGRAPH on August 14.

The pro-level Turing cards have been built for the rigours of ray tracing, and by sporting the same RTX moniker it’s looking like the new GeForce gaming cards are going to be heavily focused on the same ray traced goal.

Nvidia RTX 2080

Which could be a bit of a gamble considering we’re not expecting much serious ray tracing to be used in PC gaming for a couple of years.

Beyond that we don’t know a huge amount about the new cards, and details are probably still going to be a little thin even after the pre-Gamescom event. But we’ll be there, quizzing the green team about its new GeForce babies, and will be back with the scoop as soon as we can.