Watch Saints Row 4 kill people with dubstep and defeat aliens with superpowers


Saints Row 4 is out now; here’s our Saints Row 4 review.

Ah Saints Row. You gazed across the land, saw gritty realism everywhere, and then promptly drew a crop-circle in said grit in the shape of a…yeah. Nice to see your high-school art skills never left you. Saints Row 4 developer Volition has finally let loose footage previously only shown behind closed doors at PAX East, and boy is it fun.

Jim Boone, Senior Producer on Saints Row 4, guides us through the changes made to Steelport. Most importantly, people have superpowers now. And we’re not talking magic bracelets or the ability to talk to fish. No, this is 100% Kal-El brand supersonic flight, freeze rays and ultra strength. Why hijack a car when you bound across skyscrapers in a single leap?

Sticking with the superhero trend, Steelport has been invaded by aliens, which has just a whiff of The Avengers about it. To combat this threat, alongside your superpowers the Saints have access to a new arsenal of guns and gadgets for your massacring enjoyment. The Inflator Ray might explain what happened to all those big-headed guys in Theme Hospital, and the Dubstep gun lets you destroy people when the bass drops. Death by Skrillex? Check.

If that wasn’t enough madness for a six minute video, then just know there’s some mech-suit action in there too. It’s armed with mini guns. And rockets. And jump jets too.