Watch the whole of Phil Spencer’s “The Future of Gaming” Microsoft keynote | PCGamesN

Watch the whole of Phil Spencer’s “The Future of Gaming” Microsoft keynote

Phil Spencer GDC Microsoft Keynote

Microsoft have made available on YouTube a full video of Phil Spencer’s GDC Keynote, where he discussed the software giant’s plans for gaming across all Microsoft platforms. 

Entitled “The Future of Gaming across the Microsoft Ecosystem”, the Keynote saw Spencer reveal such interesting features as a cross-buy system for PC and Xbox games.

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Also discussed at the Keynote was the benefits of developing for Windows 10, and how the new OS being integrated across every platform - desktop, mobile, and console - will aid developers. The Xbox One controller is getting further support for PC with a wireless dongle to remove the need for a USB cable, and DirectX 12 is offering significant performance boosts, with Fable Legends seeing a 20% leap up compared to DX11. 

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Shriven avatarhfm avatarDog Pants avatarNihlusGreen avatar*sigh* avatarAever avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

Aww, I was hoping they would be playing a video of Valve's presentation.

Aever Avatar
3 Years ago

Since when does MS know anything about gaming to be able to speak about its future?

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

When is the Tim Schafer video coming?!!oneeleven!

hfm Avatar
3 Years ago

When I look at that shirt, I think OS X..

NihlusGreen Avatar
3 Years ago

Did they mention openGL?

*sigh* Avatar
3 Years ago

It will still be shit