Watch the Watch Dogs footage, fresh from Tokyo

Aiden Pearce causes chaos, as bloody usual.

Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

Come one, come all! Ogle the exploits of Chicago’s Batman, professional nonentity Aiden Pearce. Stare as he breaks into sudden sprints, clambers up walls, and displays all the traits of somebody you’d cross the street to avoid.

Watch the watcher, for a full 11 and a half minutes sourced from Tokyo Game Show.

With each new chunk of Watch Dogs footage, the game’s progression system becomes more apparent. For Aiden to access his voyeuristic data tools and play silly buggers with traffic lights, he’ll have to unlock each ‘grid’ on the map, one-by-one – like Far Cry 3’s outpost system, but with smartphones.

Also like Far Cry, Watch Dogs is the beneficiary of Ubisoft Montreal’s new dedicated writer’s floor. And so an otherwise simple stealth mission is coloured by sinister interjections in expensively-produced cutscenes:

Remember: we’re been asssured that the shootouts are entirely optional. I think I’ll spend more time hopping between cameras myself. How about you?

Thanks, CVG.