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Watch Dogs 2 shows off its San Francisco Bay playground in new gameplay trailer

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Watch Dogs 2’s reimagining of San Francisco and the entire Bay area is a gorgeous, varied playground. I recently went hands-on with the Ubisoft sequel and the city is far brighter and more interesting than the drab Chicago of the first game, as are your interactions within it. The new trailer above does a great job of breaking down why. 

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At the map’s north is Marin, a little boating district crammed with docks and scenic lookout points. Cross the bridge south and it takes you into the urban sprawl of San Francisco proper, filled with people, cars, shops and towering skyscrapers.

Beyond San Fran is the open countryside, which is great for zipping along on an off-road bike, before driving into Silicon Valley, the glimmering tech capital of the world. Keep going east and you’ll find yourself in Oakland – perhaps you’ll pick up a boat there and sail out into the sunset.

See all that good stuff, and a dog, in the new trailer above.

Watch Dogs 2 has been delayed on PC until November 29 – find out why, along with system requirements, at that link.