The latest Watch Dogs 2 trailer shows us why we won’t miss Aiden Pearce

Watch Dogs

Remember Aiden Pearce? He was a bit of a dick, wasn’t he? If he wasn’t murdering people, grabbing women by the throat for no reason or hopping over a dead family member’s grave, he just wasn’t happy. Well, Watch Dogs 2’s new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, looks at least more likeable than that – he even has a mate who has hashtags for eyes. Sick, bro. 

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The latest Watch Dogs 2 trailer gives us a proper look at Marcus Holloway and his small band of hacker chums: old hashtag eyes, art woman and a clever white dude.

It’ll be interesting to see how the group dynamics switch up the mood of the game. The new video gives us a look into those dynamics, with the motivations of the characters and DedSec as a group coming to the fore.

There are a lot of mirrors to our own modern life with regards to privacy concerns, racial tensions and a general lack of trust for the powers that be. Let’s hope Ubisoft don’t spoil it by saying nothing on any of the subjects.

Here’s the trailer: