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Pharma kingpin Martin Shkreli livestreams reaction to Watch Dogs 2 parody of himself

Watch Dogs parody

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli, famed for gouging patients dependent on a drug used for HIV and cancer treatment, likes to stream himself playing some videogames. During one recent stream of Civ, he broke away to watch a video of a Watch Dogs 2 mission – one that quite clearly parodies him.

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The mission is about a rapper called Bobo Dakes. In Watch Dogs 2’s fiction he’s set to release a new album, but a pharmaceutical bigshot called Gene Carcani has bid millions to keep the release to himself. Carcani is described in-game “the shit-sack who was on TV laughing about how he’s raising the price of Leukaemia medicine”.

Watch Dogs 2 even calls Carcani“the most hated man in America”, a title once worn by Shkreli with some bizarre pride. If you didn’t know, Shkreli once bought a Wu-Tang album to keep the music for himself, for $2 million.

As for his reaction to seeing the video, it seems to be the same as his reaction to most other things – he’s just happy to have the attention.“Pretty lame,” he says towards the end. “But I’m glad I’m in a videogame.”

Watch his full reaction embedded below. The Watch Dogs 2 mission starts at 3:14:00.

He’s since been on Twitter to say Watch Dogs 2 is a “trash game”, to which the official account responded with this tweet:

Watch Dogs 2 is out for PC on November 29.