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Exclusive no more: Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition DLC available to everyone tomorrow

Watch Dogs DLC

Ubisoft’s releasing a three-mission DLC for Watch Dogs tomorrow, if you’re not ready to bid near-future Chicago farewell. Accompanying the three missions, which will presumably be filled with stuff to hack and men to shoot, are a bunch of new guns and perks.

The Deluxe version of the game came with these missions, while season pass holders got access to the DLC last week. 

The Palace mission tasks Batman-voiced Aidan Pearce with infiltrating the luxury digs of a sneaky internet mogul. The fella’s “acquired” intimate details about Aidan and Dedsec, so he baseball cap-loving hacker needs to get in, wipe the data and bugger off. 

Signature Shot has Aidan stealing a gun. It’s a biometric gun though, so I guess that’s kind of neat. 

The final mission, Breakthrough, pits Aidan against the South Club. The crime syndicate has arranged a meeting with some corporate CEOs, so obviously they all need to be murdered. Scramblers need to be taken out so Aidan can use his magical phone, then he has to find the location of the meeting and put an end to it. 

The new equipment includes the aforementioned biometric gun and a new pistol, while Aidan will be able to unlock bonuses to his hacking, driving, shooting and phone battery. 

Any of you lovely folk planning on picking this up?

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Mountain_Man avatarShriven avatarCaff avatar
Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

I was so ready for it to be a great game. Even ignoring the PC port things (if you can) its just not very good for me. Aiden Pearce might as well be called 'Jack Protagonist' He has no charisma or gravitas and his plot is such hypocritical bullshit I dont even know where to start with it. They really dogged that side of the game. No morality meter means you can act like a dick by say, emptying the bank account of an AIDS sufferer and not get any side effects from doing it... It could have been so much better. Online hide and seek is the best part of it.

Mountain_Man Avatar
3 Years ago

I wonder how many people feel like suckers for buying the "season pass" for such a shallow and short-lived game?

Caff Avatar
3 Years ago

The multiplayer aspect is excellent though. Very tense hide and seek 1-on-1. Far better than the solo experience.