Expired . We have 1000 Wildstar beta keys to give away for a looty weekend in Nexus – All sold out, sorry

Wildstar beta weekend

There’s going to be the odd Wildstar player who never pays a penny beyond the box price. An Eve-like currency called PLEX will let dedicated explorers trade their gold for game time – and so long as they’re raking in the loot, they’ll never have to stump up for a sub.

Let’s be honest, though: that’s not going to be most of us. Most of us get distracted by real life, or by unexplained marks in our desks. In that case, you’re never going to have a cheaper time of it in Wildstar than this beta weekend, which we’d like to let 1000 of you in on.

The servers will go live this Friday, March 21 at 15:00 CET/14:00 GMT – and self-destruct at 07:59 CET/06:59 GMT on Monday, March 24.

That’ll give you a couple of solid days to enjoy some Dreamworks-calibre animation and WoW-pedigree MMOing courtesy of Carbine Studios. Our Steve had a go with the game in his Wildstar hands-on, and found it a likeably approachable, loot-driven affair. Carbine have replaced dull old mounts with hoverboards, and basically rebuilt the genre from there.

All you’ll need to do is enter an email address into the box in this post. You don’t need to comment, though you’re more than welcome to if you want to tell me that Wildstar actually more closely resembles Sony Animation than Dreamworks, or whatever.

The magic box will pick the first lucky 1000 addresses and squeeze weekend Wildstar codes their way. After that, it’ll delete your information – because it’ll have no business holding onto it.

Oh: you’d also do well to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, so we can let you know where we’re up to. To the box!

UPDATE: All keys have now been given out. Apologies if you did not get one in time, remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and giveaways!