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Update: We had 100 Arma 3 Alpha Lite keys but they’re all gone


Update: We’ve given all the keys away, I’m afraid. Sorry about that.

Arma is what you make of it: milsim, bee hunt, or a chance to swim with turtles. I suppose that’ll be something to ponder while you download a copy of Arma 3’s Lite edition on us.

If you’d like a key, you’ll need to officially Like us on Facebook, which makes our friendship legally binding. Then, send us a private message asking for an Arma 3 key. So long as your private messaging is turned on and we have any left, the PCGamesN gaoler will untangle a key from his endless chain and hand it to you. How does he tell them apart? Nobody knows. He responds to our advances only with prolonged growls.

Once you’ve got your key, click to ‘Add a game’ in your Steam client, select ‘Activate a product on Steam’, and then copy the code into the appropriate box. After that, you’ll be on the next plane to Stratis – a pictureseque 20km² slice of the Mediterranean.

It’s not finished, mind. With the Lite edition you’ll get access to the new game’s alpha, minus modding and multiplayer. That means four single player ‘showcase’ missions, each a brief tutorial on the four pillars of Arma: infantry combat, vehicle handling, helicopter piloting, and the very new and exciting underwater diving. That’s where the turtles come in.

Happy snorkeling! The lite alpha ends on June 18. Bring us back something nice, won’t you?