Weekend Deal Dump: LAN Edition


Evenin’ PCGN, it’s time for the deal dump. A gatheirng of the best game deals available right this moment. I’m currently sat at my local gaming society’s LAN party, watching a man play League of Legends to the sounds of the Super Smash Brothers Melee intro music mixed with the Space Jam theme. Now they’re playing the Advance Wars 2 Ending Theme, the saddest song every written. It’ll be a melancholy one.

Here for the Minecraft? We’ve got a list of the best Minecraft seeds available.

Telltale Pack

Let’s be clear here, if you’ve never played it, The Walking Dead is worth the £34.49/$44.99 that this full pack of Telltale games is going for. On top of that you get all their old games, including the woefully underrated Tales of Monkey Island, plus some of their newer and still running stuff – most notably, Tales from the Borderlands and the Game of Thrones series. Those are also all on sale individually, as is the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode, if that takes your fancy.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon’s impossi-hard dungeon crawling charms have been at the top of my Early Access wishlist for a little while, endlessly waiting for it to drop the unfinished tag. My resolve is tested this week by a drop in price to £8.99/$11.99, the cheapest the game has ever been. There’s a lot of entertainment value in its roguelike ways there for not a lot of cost, with regular updates given to the dedicated and passionate community by a development team willing to listen.

Humble Bundle


We mentioned this Humble Bundle last week, but I’m bringing it up again because it’s just that good and it’s had more games added to it. The beat-average tier now offers the excellent narrative game Gone Home along with various parts of the Deponia series and all of last week’s charms. It’s the best bundle in months and it isn’t close, so don’t miss out if you’ve got $10 to spare and a laptop – or otherwise – that needs new games.

GOG Square Enix Sale

Here’s GOG living up to its original namesake with some cheap, good and old games from the Squeenix-owned back-catalog. Everything from the original Tomb Raiders, Deus Ex and Thief games is down to less than the price of a large Coke for the weekend. Hitman’s also on there, but my personal pick would be the original Deus Ex. It’s aged pretty poorly graphically, and there’s some odd control choices in there that haven’t been the norm in what feels like two decades, but it still holds up as an incredibly choice-filled game.

That’s your lot for this run through. Good luck as you go and always remember – there’s a cost to victory.

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