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Well-thumbed: the Steam Controller has grown an analog stick


The Steam Controller, as it was first pitched to us, was a totally alien way to play a game. Two flat radar dishes, resembling the subwoofers in the back of a an 18-year-old’s car, represented the promise of mouse-controlled games on the couch. A touch screen at its centre stood in quiet tribute to the Dreamcast. Possibly.

Nowadays it looks much more familiar. Four Xbox port-friendly letters sit below the Steam Controller's pause button, and a thumbstick - a new addition - in place of the last prototype’s d-pad.

SteamDB turned up the image of the controller’s latest revision in the new Steam client beta. The space-age touchpads and the keys surrounding it remain in the position they were. But four directional buttons beneath the left touchpad have been pulled off, and replaced with the analog stick as we’ve known it since the PlayStation 2.

Valve’s game, then, is to provide all the tools for control revolution - but not force players to switch back to their Xbox 360 pad when they want to play GTA V on their Steam Machine.

The Steam Controller touchscreen was removed back in January in favour of a new focus on backwards-compatibility.

Last we heard, the Steam Machines had been delayed into 2015, and Valve promised the controller would be “much better for it”. This is presumably what they meant. What do you lot make of the switcheroo?

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QDP2 Avatar
3 Years ago

I often question if Valve tries to be over-imaginative, pushing there abstract ideas too far. So far every time I have thought that Valve has proved me wrong with there ideas being great successes. I am expecting these thumb-trackpads to be the exact same. By the looks of the remote though I hope they give us users (as well as developers) a lot of control over which directional pad does what. Give us the opportunity to swap the controls just like any other computer game. For example allow us to map movement to the analog stick rather than the thumb-trackpad, and allow us to swap around what the 4 letter-buttons controls with each other.

Kriptanik Avatar
3 Years ago

Oh god.

Yeah because it worked out so well for the PSP didn't it...

Mountain_Man Avatar
3 Years ago

I keep expecting Valve to say, "Screw it, just use a 360 gamepad."

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

Worried about pricing now. It needs to be the same or slightly above the Xbox 360pad to get my cash. But, I can see it costing more then that Razer version.

Incinerate | Rather Ripped Avatar

Somehow, I feel as if the trackpad style isn't going to work for the controller. To imagine playing it feels awkward in my head.