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We’re not done with pirates yet: Raven’s Cry gets a May 7th release date

Raven's Cry

Pirates are very much my cup of tea right now, what with me spending most evenings blowing up fleets and searching for sunken treasure (and costumes) in Assassin’s Creed IV, so the news that Raven’s Cry now has a release date is highly relevent to my sailing and swashbuckling proclivities. 

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Topware’s Pirate RPG since they handed development over to Two Worlds developer Reality Pump in August. It sounds… interesting. Well, the protagonist has a hook, which is marvelous. 

Raven’s Cry appears to be going for grit and overwrought moral quandaries, which sounds like a lot less fun that cheeky parrots and drunken brawls. “When you look into the depths of a chasm for long enough, that chasm will surely look into your depths” we are told. I’m almost certain that Nietzsche was a huge fan of pirates.

It’s coming out on May 7th, so stock up on eyeliner and don’t brush your teeth until then.

Cheers, PCGamer