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We’ve got 5000 Wildstar beta codes and are done trying to stack them into a huge number pyramid. Update: EU only

Wildstar giveaway

Update: This one is only for EU folk – sorry to get your hopes up, rest of the world.

We’ve been here before, haven’t we? Us, with more beta keys than we could possibly eat ourselves. And you, with a hunger for MMOs that The Elder Scrolls Online and assorted other pretenders have failed to quench. It’s almost as if new MMOs have huge server infrastructures to weight-test, and require more and more frequent injections of players in ever-higher numbers.

So it happens that we have no fewer than 5000 Wildstar keys going spare. Seriously, you should hear the racket in here.

Early consensus at PCGamesN is that Wildstar looks like a Dreamworks picture and plays like a dream. It’s made by a bunch of former Blizzard types who’ve taken care to step respectfully in the footsteps of WoW and Guild Wars – before taking a cheeky leap forward of their own, kicking dust up in their mentors’ faces.

More importantly, its mounts are hoverboards – an adequate metaphor for a game which, according to our Steve’s Wildstar preview, doesn’t waste your time.

Would you like to play it? Type your email address in the box secreted into this post and fire it off. There’s no need to comment below, though we’re more than happy for you to debate the finer points of precisely what hoverboards have over horses.

The nebulous and existentially terrifying email box will then pick 5000 addresses to lavish with Wildstar codes. After that, it’ll delete your information – no bleeding hearts here.

You can redeem your key by registering and logging into an NCsoft account, clicking ‘Apply a code’, and pasting it in.

The keys will be valid from this Friday, April 17 at 15:00 CET till Monday 07:59 CET – though you’ll be restricted to pre-level 20 stuff.

Last thing: please do follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where we’ll keep you updated on competition-related happenings. Also PC games, because that’s sort of what we do.

Right: emails at the ready!