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Where Winds Meet release date estimate and latest news

Where Winds Meet blends Chinese mythology with a vast, eye-catching open world and Wuxia combat in this RPG game from Everstone Studio.

A character from Where Winds Meet staring intensely towards the screen.

When is the Where Winds Meet release date? This stunning open world game utilizes Wuxia combat, a superhuman martial arts genre of fiction that makes this upcoming adventure truly shine.

If you weren’t excited by that alone, there’s a lot to dig into, as Where Winds Meet was originally revealed in 2022, now we know a fair bit about to what expect when it comes to this dazzling open world game, including the regions, story, gameplay, and the unique combat and weapons you’ll be wielding as you discover more about the young martial artist you play as.

Where Winds Meet release date estimate

While we don’t have a Where Winds Meet release date, there was a closed beta in April 2024 for North America and Canada, so we could potentially get a release date for later this year. The RPG game will release on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Where Winds Meet was first revealed at Gamescom 2022, and while there are definite parallels with the likes of Ghost of Tsushima, it’s also a little reminiscent of Breath of the Wild. Unlike Ghost, however, you’re not the last man standing in a war-torn land. Instead, life goes on while you roam around the world.

Hopefully, that doesn’t mean seven different people will task you with rescuing their daughter from bandits, but it seems as if there’s a strong focus on exploration here. And, going by how gorgeous the world is, you won’t regret going for a wander either.

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Where Winds Meet gameplay

Combat looks similarly impressive, though stealth could well be your friend. If you’re a fan of backstabbing enemies, you can become your own murderous chiropractor. If slicing people up isn’t your thing, there are a multitude of weapons on offer, including spears, swords, fans, dual blades, umbrellas, and glaives, and it looks like it doesn’t lean heavily into the supernatural, with most of the opponents on show being distinctly human.

In a PlayStation blog post, the developer speaks about the mystical powers you can use not just in combat, but getting around the world, including running up cliffs or across water, or grabbing objects that are out of reach. You’ll also be able to mimic animal behaviour, leaping like a toad, or roaring like a lion, though we’re not sure how these will aid you just yet!

Developer Everstone confirmed that you’ll be able to choose your protagonist’s occupation, which in turn informs their initial skill set. We’re half hoping you can just wander around a village, shoeing horses, just when you need a break!

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