Solve your own nautical murder in Why Am I Dead At Sea

Why Am I Dead At Sea

You should know three things about me: I like dogs more than people, I think boats are the raddest form of transportation and I reckon that ghosts are infinitely more interesting than zombies. Two of these facts are relevant to Why Am I Dead At Sea. Yes, it’s a game about spooky dogs. No, hang on a second. Wrong facts. It’s a game about a ghost on a boat. Sorry. 

Here’s what’s up: You’re dead, and you’re on a boat. Why? That’s up to you to find out by possessing the other passengers and using them to investigate. There’s a trailer, so slap your eyes on it below. 

Each of the characters your spectre can inhabit has different relationships with his or her shipmates, so conversation becomes a puzzle as you try to figure out their secrets. And the more you know about them, the more control you have over these fleshy, living folk.

Ghostly adventure romps very much float my boat, so I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

It’s on Steam Greenlight at the moment, so hop over to its page if it tickles your fancy.