Like a wiki, but made of wood: Minecraft gets official Fyre UK-penned construction handbook


Two new Minecraft handbooks are set to join Egmont’s bookcase and emit particle effect glyphs with the rest. The Official Combat Handbook and Official Construction Handbook will become available on Amazon and in bookshops early next month – and the latter was put together with help from famed Minecraft build timelapsers Fyre UK.

Fyre are a Yogscast-backed group of YouTubers who create large scale Minecraft timelapses, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at Minecraft builds.

Their official handbook is made up of tips and step-by-step instructions for constructing houses, bridges, ships, rollercoasters and floating islands “of the highest quality”. Within, you’ll find help on working out an initial approach to a build, as well as materials and polish.

In true Fyre spirit, it’ll also feature case studies of some of the “most awe-inspiring” community builds – included to fuel your own “creative genius”.

The Official Combat Handbook covers “everything you need to know” about that rather less complex system in Minecraft – detailing the common mistakes players tend to make when fighting the night.

Beyond armour crafting and the timing of your spider knockback, however, the book also teaches the particulars of effective fort building and mob traps. It’ll even guide you through the Nether and out the End, if you’ll let it.

Both books retail for £7.99 / $10 – but are currently on sale for half price on Amazon. They’re aimed at beginners – but I’ve been consultingEgmont’s redstone guide since Christmas, and made progress in rollercoaster programming I never did in four years of wiki-surfing. Do you think you might pick one up?

Cheers, Forbes.