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Slay the Spire meets Dorfromantik in cozy city-building strategy game

Wild Country is a cozy card game with city-building elements that draws from games like Slay the Spire, Dorfromantik, and Civilization 6, coming to Steam soon.

Wild Country - A gang of unruly raccoons in a pink lowrider, cruising through the forest looking to cause chaos.

Slay the Spire has that honed, intricate deck building that encourages you to experiment with the cards at your disposal. Dorfromantik brings the cozy, comfy city-building that soothes your soul. But smash the pair together, and throw in a cast of adorable animals Animal Crossing style, and you have Wild Country, a new “cozy-competitive” strategy game from indie developer Lost Native. If you’re looking for an experience that both tests and soothes your brain, Wild Country just might be your next favorite game.

As you explore the colorful, idyllic land of Big Sky Canyon, meeting its animal inhabitants, you’ll collect all manner of cards and even fun outfits to dress up your chosen character. Of course, many of the people you meet will be looking for a match, and that’s where the strategy kicks in. You can even take your decks online for casual or ranked games against other players.

The ‘battles’ in Wild Country are turn-based showdowns where you use your hand-built deck to place down buildings and build out your city across a hexagonal grid. You’ll also get cards that let you target your opponent’s structures and disable, disrupt, or even outright demolish them. As your sprawl grows, you’ll be able to make use of your income to further your layout and attempt to put your opponent out of business altogether.

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You’ll also have to contend with natural disasters, including earthquakes, snowstorms, and a band of absolutely raucous raccoons seemingly intent on wanton destruction. Sounds about right to me. Developer Lost Native says, “Whether new to card games or a seasoned fan, Wild Country offers endless fun, strategic gameplay, and unpredictable mischief.”

Wild County doesn’t yet have a set release date, but is coming soon to Steam. If you want to keep track of it for now, you can add it to your wishlist to follow its progress.

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