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Wildstar reveals Warplots: giant battlestations to ride into 40 vs 40 PvP fights


Wildstar’s genuinely becoming one of the most interesting MMOs in play right now, adorning itself in all manner of weird and original modes and features on a regular basis. Most recently Carbine added Adventures, granting players access to a magical holodeck wonderland of limitless potential. Now they’ve announced Warplots, which isn’t about warping lots, but huge mobile battlestations you can ride into 40 vs 40 PvP fights. Look at the video, it’s certainly something.

Warplots can be customised and upgraded with plugs, which slip neatly into your Warplot’s war slots. There’s huge variety in the available plugs, from powerful orbital cannons, traps and turrets to captured beasts from dungeon raids. That is to saay that you can catch and tame a huge dragon and set him to work in your Warplot. Excellent.

Warplots are unlocked for level 50 players in Wildstar’s endgame and winning one of the 40-on-40 battles showers those who contributed with PvP rewards. The losing Warplot limps away missing some of its upgrades and all of its mechanical dignity.

Oh, we’re giving away some Wildstar beta keys right this second. So if Warplots has whet your war whistle, get on it. (‘It’ referring to ‘the giveaway’, not your war whistle).