Wildstar video details the different character paths and the many ways you’ll die


The underlying suggestion of the new Wildstar video is that death will be behind every corner of its colourful MMO world. If you’re a soldier you will be killed in combat; a scientist, you’ll be killed by the things you’re researching; explorer, by the world you’re investigating; and, settler, by everyone else.

It looks like a lot of fun.

Here be the trailer in all its glory:

I can see the draw of the soldier, settler, and explorer. Combat, base-building, platforming are all right there. The scientist seems like an odd one out, I can imagine that if it boils down to walking around scanning things then that could get dull fast. Hopefully there’s more to it than that which we’ll learn in the future.

And here’s a developer diary that expands on the differences between the paths.

Now I want a whole separate diary that details the kamikaze rhino content. That’s looks like good plain fun.

We’ve already had something of an expanded look at the game’s base-building features and it looks like they could be a major component of Wildstar.