Wildstar video gives long look at the world of Deradune


Despite being set in the long distant future in a universe populated by starships, laser gun-toting mercenaries, and universal translators, the new Wildstar video showing off the world of Deradune and its denizens reveals that we won’t be leaving the trademark of fantasy MMOarchitecture behind, good old bone buildings. Yup, Deradune’s homes are more akin to the troll architecture of World of WarCraft than the sleek skyscrapers of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Looks like the game will be an eclectic mix of tribalism and sci-fi. It could work, forming an interesting world to explore, though it hints a little of trying to cover multiple demographics. Plus, as Dan worried, too, Wildstar is proving to be fairly melee-focused and not looking to be embracing the ranged potential its future setting should provide. As it stands the combat shown off in the video seemed quite generic.

Cheers, VG247.