Money does grow on trees: Carbine disable gardening to end Wildstar gold exploit

wildstar gold exploit gardening disabled carbine NCSoft

Carbine have temporarily disabled gardening in Wildstar to block players from using a gold exploit. The studio are working on a hotfix to solve the issue entirely but until that’s deployed you won’t be able to tend to your garden.

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“We are aware of the gold exploit feedback that has been circulating social media and the forums,” Carbine community manager ThaCheez said in a forum post. “We are working to get a hotfix put together as soon as possible. A rollback will not be necessary at this time; the current scope of abuse is not outside our ability to manually correct where necessary.

“If you have abused this exploit, we will be taking action against your account. As you all know, we take exploits seriously and will not hesitate to lifetime ban accounts that have been caught abusing any exploits.”

Carbine are giving players the chance to come clean, saying “you have 24 hours to contact Customer Support” and fess up to using the exploit. “They will confiscate your exploited items and reduce your punishment.

“This is a one-time offer, I suggest you take it.”

Gardening will be reactivated after the hotfix is deployed and players caught having used the exploit will have their punishment dolled out at that point.