We’ve 1,000 keys for a Wildstar trial account. Want one?

Wildstar Carbine Studios NCSoft

During Wildstar’s beta we were bailing out buckets of codes just so the site wouldn’t sink under the weight of them. At a conservative estimate we handed out about a billion.

With Carbine’s MMO having launched we thought we were safe. Well, this morning we woke up to another 1,000 keys, this time they unlock seven days of game time. Please, take one off our hands before we drown in post-its with codes written on then.

You’re given access to the entirety of Wildstar with one restriction, you’re only able to reach level 20. Still, that’s more than enough to give you a taste of Carbine’s weirdly colourful scifi universe. You should have a great time, Nick’s loved almost every moment of the game.

To apply for a code you’ll need to be logged into our site and enter your email address in the Godankey widget below. After that, sit tight and hopefully a code will be winging itself your way. Also, these codes are only for European users.

The contest is first come, first serve so if you want your friends to get a code, too, they’re going to have to be quick about it.

It’s important to note, these aren’t Steam codes. To redeem your key you’re going to need create an NCSoft Account, log into it, and click the ‘Apply a code’ banner on the Wildstar website. With that accepted you can begin downloading the client and playing Wildstar.

Best of luck!

If you do end up subscribing after the trail, Nick’s collected together the 15 best Wildstar addons.