Wildstar’s next customisation update adds fluffy adorable pets

Wildstar pets

Pretty much everything about Wildstar is colourful and lovely. Wide-eyed avatars, bright purple mountains, and swords you wouldn’t think twice about wearing as a hat. Things will only get even more pleasing on the eye when the upcoming customisation update adds pets to the MMO. 

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As part of the INVASION: Nexus update, developer Carbine is adding a massive boat-load of various creatures to be used as pets. “In INVASION: Nexus, we’re bringing in 54 companion pets for you to collect,” said lead systems designer Joe Piepiora on the Wildstar blog. “The pets themselves can be obtained by participating in a variety of content throughout WildStar. You could earn them from shiphands, some dungeons feature companion pets as drops, various types of vendors outright sell them, or they could even just appear as loot from random enemies.”

Pets are, unfortunately, only cosmetic, so there won’t be any Pokemon-like pet battles to engage in. Some do look like massive vegetables though, which kind of makes up for it.

Since it’s a customisation update, there’s also new clothing to be had in the form of the Holo-Wardrobe, which allows players to edit and save custom costumes.

Thanks, PC Gamer.