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Windblown release date estimate, trailers, and latest news

Everything we know about the upcoming action roguelike from the creators of Dead Cells, including the latest news surrounding the release date.

Windblown release date: The trio of characters that feature in the WIndblown announcement trailer.

When is the Windblown release date? This delightful action roguelike from the creators of Dead Cells was announced at The Game Awards 2023, and immediately stole our attention with its fast-paced combat and colorful cartoon violence. We already know a fair bit about what to expect, so let’s dig into all the latest news and trailers.

For those unfamiliar with Dead Cells, Windblown takes on a similar vibrant aesthetic – but instead of a 2D platform game, Windblown is a 3D top-down action roguelike that still features the satisfying combat and lightning-fast action that we loved in Dead Cells. If that all sounds right up your alley, here’s the latest news surrounding the Windblown early access release date.

Windblown release date: A fallen warrior's spirit consumes an automaton boss.

Windblown release date estimate

Windblown is due to launch into early access sometime in 2024, as confirmed by developer Motion Twin in the announcement trailer. The latest playtest confirms that Windblown is currently in alpha, and we expect it to launch in the second half of 2024 following its beta period.

The Windblown closed alpha playtest was announced in February 2024, and while the playtest cohort is small in scope, the feedback should help Motion Twin “understand what’s working and what’s not.” Eager fans can sign up to the official newsletter for a chance to receive an invitation to future playtests once Windblown moves into a beta state.

Much like Dead Cells, Motion Twin plans to position player feedback at the forefront of Windblown’s development via community surveys and playtests. The indie game is expected to remain in early access for a minimum of one year, though it may require more time depending on feedback.

Motion Twin has confirmed that Windblown is set to receive a price increase once it eventually leaves early access, with the additional caveat that it may also apply a slight increase prior to this date “if we feel we have brought significant content and value to your experience.”

Windblown will be available on PC via Steam for its early access period, though it’s highly likely that it will also arrive on consoles at the same time as its full release, just like Dead Cells.

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Windblown trailers

The Windblown announcement trailer introduces a cast of cute characters having a snooze while being given a lesson in combat. Soon they’re handed weapons and off they gleefully charge, only to meet a bloody demise.

However, all is not lost. This is a roguelike, after all, and so the trio start off again – only this time, they have a device strapped to their back that allows them to dash through enemies and reach high places

The trailer culminates with a dramatic showdown against a powerful automaton boss standing in their way. It makes mincemeat out of two of our heroes, but the lone survivor communes with a mystical animal spirit that grants them the power to take it out and avenge their fallen comrades.

The Windblown gameplay trailer dispenses with the cartoon animation entirely to focus on in-game combat and traversal. In these few minutes, we see our favorite punk axolotl taking on a variety of robotic enemies across a range of different biomes, from blood-red forests to the broken bow of a pirate ship. Between each run, our axolotl hones their skills via a training dummy back on the Ark until they’re ready to team up in a Leaper squad and reduce a boss to scrap metal.

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Windblown gameplay

While the trailers released so far only offer a brief taste of moment-to-moment gameplay, PCGamesN caught up with Motion Twin developers for a Windblown preview that delves into what we can expect in each run, including story, maps, and mechanics. We even  find out how Windblown handles as a dedicated multiplayer game.

Windblown is set on The Ark, a floating village that orbits around a deadly Vortex – one that’s about to come crashing right into you. Naturally, that doesn’t sound very nice, so it’s your job as a Leaper to take on the Vortex Sentinels and save your home. You can even retrieve and master the skills and abilities from the warriors that have fallen before you (spoiler, it’s you).

By unlocking memories – dying a bunch – you’ll be able to craft better, more complex weapons to fight enemies. It’s also confirmed that Windblown will have an online co-op that supports up to three players, so you can choose to go at it alone or team up with friends.

Motion Twin has confirmed that the initial early access build includes five biomes and four main weapons, with plans to expand this scope as development continues. You can catch a glimpse of what Motion Twin has cooking over on the official website.

That’s everything there is to know surrounding the Windblown release date so far, but be sure to check back regularly for updates. In the meantime, check out our top picks for the best roguelike games, as well as all the other upcoming games we’ve marked on our calendar this year.