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Windows 11 is now installed on almost half of all Steam PCs

As the popularity of Windows 10 wanes among gamers, Microsoft's new operating system finally looks set to replace its predecessor.

A Windows 11 'bloom' logo (bottom left), Steam logo (center), and Windows 10 logo (right)

It’s been a long time coming, but Windows 11 has finally garnered enough steam behind it (pun intended) to take over as the dominant OS on gaming PCs. While there’s still some ground for Windows 11 to cover before it succeeds Windows 10 for good, the two operating systems are practically neck-and-neck in the current gaming landscape.

There’s admittedly been little reason for Steam users to upgrade to Windows 11 outside of niche features like Auto HDR, which partly explains the operating system’s slow adoption rate, not forgetting its initial teething problems, as well its hardware requirements. However, this situation looks set to change in the coming year.

March 2024 April 2024 Change
Windows 10 54.4% 51.02% -3.38%
Windows 11 41.61% 45.15% +3.54%

The most recent Steam Hardware & Software survey reveals that Windows 11 now accounts for 45.15% of all gaming PCs that use Valve’s game client. Narrowing the data down to Windows operating systems alone, this share jumps to a slightly more impressive 46.67%.

Comparatively, Windows 10 maintains a small lead, with 51.02% of Steam users, which similarly increases, to 52.73% when you focus just on Windows operating systems. Meanwhile, just under 1% of the Steam user base is still clinging onto Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and have since missed the Windows 11 upgrade window.

Windows 11 now installed on half of all Steam PCs: Hardware survey screenshot

As the Windows 10 support end date draws nearer, its days at the top are numbered. However, with Microsoft adding more Windows 11 ads, in addition to potentially invasive AI watermarks, we could see a contingent of Steam users sticking with the almost nine-year-old operating system until the last possible minute. Even then, when the time comes for Windows 10 diehards to make the jump to a new OS, Windows 12 may seem like the more appealing option.

If you’re considering upgrading your system, check out our guide on how to install Windows 11 if you’re unsure where to start. For those looking to build their first rig, you can also give our guide on how to build a gaming PC a read.