More Steam users are flocking to Windows 11

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system is growing in popularity all the time among Steam users, according to Valve’s latest survey.

The Steam logo imposed on top of the Windows 11 bloom logo

Despite a bumpy ride during its 19-month lifespan, things are really starting to look up for Windows 11. Microsoft’s OS is getting more and more popular with Steam users all the time, and the operating system has just achieved a new gaming PC adoption milestone. Is 2023 the year Windows 11 finally gains mass adoption?

The most recent Steam Hardware and Software Survey shows over a third of the gaming PC population running a Microsoft operating system are now using Windows 11. 35.36% to be precise. With all other Windows operating systems losing users, it’s clear that Microsoft’s OS is gradually gaining traction.

Windows 11 hasn’t always been a barrel of laughs for PC gamers, but Microsoft is determined to increase the adoption of its latest OS by adding handy new features, like Copilot. The company isn’t above using the dark arts at times, with it most recently taking over your screen.

Despite Windows 11’s increasing popularity, Windows 10 still reigns supreme with 62.95% uptake among Steam users. Windows 11 can afford to play the long game here, with its predecessor only enjoying Microsoft’s continuing support for another two years.

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! With more features being added all the time, it might be high time to join the throng of gamers upgrading to Windows 11. It’s still free for existing Windows 10 users, but you can buy a key if you’re building a PC for the first time.