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The next version of Windows Update will let you opt out of new drivers

Windows Update driver opt out

Build 15002 of Windows 10 has leaked online, and it looks like one of the features coming soon to Windows Update is the ability to stop it automatically downloading driver updates.

Which of these exciting upcoming PC games will be bundled with a driver that borks your machine?

The news comes via MSPoweruser, who also say Windows Insiders were due to get build 15002 this week. That release was delayed but will likely be rescheduled soon. The rest of us will have to wait until the Windows 10 Creators Update this April.

Last month, we reported on the Windows Store forcing new drivers on youwhenever they were available for a game you bought. I’m sure someone thought this would save you time, but many drivers are updated to coincide with the release of major games, and brand new drivers are more likely to have undiscovered issues. Thus the concern is that the Windows Store could forcibly install buggy drivers on your machine whenever you buy the latest triple-A title.

The ability to block new drivers through Windows Update doesn’t address that problem, but it’s a step in the right direction. Fingers crossed that by April, Microsoft will have seen sense and given us an opt-out from driver updates via Windows Store as well.

There are some other interesting features to note in this leaked build too, notably the ability for the Windows OS to reduce the amount of blue light your screen emits. Blue light is the most powerful in the spectrum and studies have shown it can be harmful, especially when using a screen during night hours.

The full changelog has been posted here.

Has anyone had issues with drivers pushed on them by Windows Store or Update? Share your traumatic experiences in the comments below. Sharing is healing.