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The Witcher 2 is crazy cheap on GOG, big NoDRM sale


You may be aware that The Witcher 2 has a massive patch inbound that changes pretty much everything. You may also be aware that you don’t have The Witcher 2. If you are one of the people the last point applies to, you may be interested to hear that The Witcher 2 is available for less than the price of a Mojito. It’s a rather good game that you should play, and we’re sure you’d rather pay the least you can for it. $5.99 low enough? 

When The Witcher 2 was released it gained some pretty great reviews. We didn’t give it a good review – we were barely a twinkle in our CEO’s eye back then, so we couldn’t score it – but plenty of folks gave it a 9/10, meaning it was totally worth the full price at release. So for $5.99, if you’re an RPG fan who by some freak reason hasn’t yet played Geralt’s second adventure, this is probably the best deal you’ll come across today.

This price is part of a bigger ‘NoDRM’ sale, which encompasses a selection of games that – you guessed it – are free from Digital Rights Management. Should slashing the tentacles off monsters not be your strong point, you could always take a look at FTL ($2.49) for spaceship management fun, Waking Mars for gardening on the red planet excitement (also $2.49) or Hotline Miami ($3.33) for brutally butchering a house full of mean bastards whilst dressed as a donkey. And if none of those please you, you can have a look at 500 other games included in the offer, one of which might meet your high standards.