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Overlooked roguelike horror FPS gets massive new update, out now

Witchfire, the roguelike horror FPS that blends Doom's gory action with Dark Souls' fantasy setting, has just received a huge new update.

Overlooked roguelike horror FPS gets huge new update: A figure in a skull mask, from Witchfire.

Witchfire hasn’t really gotten its due since it came out late last year. A combination of thudding Doom style shooting, Elden Ring and Dark Souls’ grim fantasy setting, and roguelike design, Witchfire is a unique take on the horror and fantasy genres as well and an interesting spin on the FPS, that currently neglected corner of videogames. Made by The Astronauts, the studio behind 2014’s The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Witchfire is now poised to garner a bit more attention, thanks to a major update that’s out today.

Witchfire‘s new Ghost Galleon update brings a host of tweaks and new features to the FPS game. Along with a number of bug fixes and quality of life changes, Witchfire’s blend of horror and fantasy now features a Calamity event that sees a giant ghost ship filled with demons arrive to attack the player.

This is only one of the new Calamities. The game’s update adds in three Calamities total and, based on player feedback, has added a meter that shows when these events are about to happen, and how the player’s behavior in the game impact their occurrence. Witchfire’s Ghost Galleon update includes six new classes, too, based on the kind of stat and skill attributes featured in games like Dark Souls, and the introduction of a system called Gnosis that sees players being able to overpower their enemies more easily and spot secrets within Witchfire’s levels. Ghost Galleon packs in new weapons, items, enemies, traps, and spells, a new shop vendor, and a new activity and events as well.

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