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Blazingly fast mystical brawler Wizard of Legend resurfaces with a flashy new trailer

Wizard of Legend

If there’s one thing the world of games stands to learn from Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s that ‘magic user’ doesn’t always have to mean ‘awkward dorkus with a staff’. Sometimes, wizards can be kung-fu demigods too.

That seems to be the driving principle behind Wizard of Legend, at least. It’s been a full year since we last featured this promising game, which was funding via Kickstarter at the time. Read on for a peek at a new trailer; Proof that the time in development was well spent.

Wizard of Legend looks fun solo, but even better with a buddy. Have you got the perfect co-op crew worked out? Buff up those skills in some of these games here.

So, what we’re looking at here is some manner of turbo-roguelike. One or two players, a procedurally generated murder-dungeon and a boatload of spells and artifacts that can be comboed or synergised in extremely rapid fashion. Just about everything shown in the trailer is Extremely My Jam, except for possibly the numerical damage floaters. I’d much rather see health bars with a highlight for recent damage done.

The mention of Avatar doesn’t seem superficial, either. Magic in the game seems to be a blend of projected spells and martial arts, so the Blazing Lariat spell turns a wrestling favourite into an extra-spicy room-clearing attack, while the Earth Knuckles spell gives you a right hook more rocky than Balboa.

You can see a good chunk more of the game on its official Kickstarter updates page as developer duo Contingent99 have been kind enough to leave it open for everyone, not just project backers. There’s some fun details in there, including a peek at some sassy magical pinatas that won’t spill their contents unless hit by a sufficiently impressive combo of attacks – a concept lifted from Devil May Cry, admittedly, but that’s something more games should be doing anyway.

While a precise release date or RRP has not been nailed down, the game is set for release in the first quarter of 2018. You can wishlist it on Steam if you want to be informed on when it launches, and it’ll also be coming out via Humble, who will be handling the planned console release of the game as well.