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Wolcen drops to one patch per week, so your save doesn’t get eaten

Wolcen devs are working on server upgrades, but in the meantime we're getting server caps and less frequent patches

Wolcen launched out of Early Access last week to frankly absurd popularity – the action-RPG is still reaching concurrent player counts to compete with Steam’s heaviest hitters, and the attention brought the servers down in a big way. While players can get online, Wolcen is still barely holding together, and the developers have had to make some changes to get the situation improved.

Some of the biggest issues right now are progress resets, and Wolcen Studio is pulling back on server load to help deal with the problem. “Following the situation that occurred last Friday with the data loss,” the developers say (via VG247), “we now know that we can’t continue to apply hotfixes and patches the way we’ve always done so far. We have to coordinate with our partners to monitor the situation and make sure that we won’t encounter any major database issues.”

To that end, two things are happening: patches are getting reduced to one per week, and “server capacities are currently limited to a certain amount of concurrent players.” The developers are working on server upgrades and patch fixes to increase the server limits and further improve the situation.

That announcement came on February 18, and the first update since,, went live today. Among other improvements, the patch fixes a number of potential connection errors.

Wolcen’s strong fundamentals are giving it a chance to stand tall among some great RPG games – here’s hoping the bugs and server problems all get addressed soon.