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B.J. having a head transplant? “Preposterous” teases Wolfenstein 2 creative director

Wolfenstein head transplant

Wolfenstein: it was weird. Wolfenstein 2: it’s probably going to be weirder. So goes the theory, lovingly crafted by Polygon, that B.J. Blazkowicz (fearless enemy of nazis everywhere, protagonist, and all-round good-looking lad) has gone through a full body transplant at some point between games. Talking to creative director Jens Matthies, we got a reply.

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After explaining the concept – which you really should read for yourself, as it makes the case rather well – we got a simple reply: “I think that sounds preposterous.” What we also got was a smirk. Make of that what you will.

Elsewhere on the campaign front, Matthies talks about how there are three hours of cinematics in the game – probably not that much more than the original, thinking about it – and 100 actors.

“We’re extremely happy with how it all comes together, both in terms of the physical locations, the play spaces, but also in terms of the story. The story is super, super ambitious, and we’re so proud of how everything’s coming together.

“We have such a huge cast [and so many] cinematics – so in terms of the storytelling, it’s a very, very big undertaking. It’s something we couldn’t even attempt last time around because we didn’t have the experience.”

And all of it may hinge on one transplanted head.