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Each of Wolfenstein 2’s three DLCs will focus on a particular playstyle

wolfenstein 2 the new colossus open world

The DLC for Wolfenstein 2 will offer different perspectives on the game’s central narrative. There are currently three planned DLCs, all of which will centre around a different central playstyle, while offering more of the game’s alternative future.

Here’s everything we know about Wolfenstein 2.

In an interview with Wolfenstein 2’s creative director Jens Matthias, he told us that the game’s DLC will expand on the world the game has created. Matthias says that the new American setting “opened up this big world – much more so in this one than in the first game. The canvas is a lot bigger.”

The new setting isn’t just important for opening up the world. Matthias says that it allows the story to expand to new characters: “We’re now in the US and the whole game is about igniting this revolution, so we felt it would be interesting to explore other perspectives on that.”

Each DLC will also focus on a different core playstyle. The main game supports a stealthy gameplay, a cathartically aggressive approach, or a mix of the two. Matthias says that that will still be the case in the DLCs, but they’ll be more focused. Matthias says “you can use all three [playstyles] in all three DLCs, but each of them kind of draws attention to a playstyle.”

For more information about three DLCs, each featuring an all-american hero more american and heroic than the last, check out the Wolfenstein 2 season pass.