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There’s going to be a Wolfenstein 3

Wolfenstein 3

Liking the look of Wolfenstein 2? Already whetted your appetite for more Nazi-killing? Well, good news: a third game (not counting prequel/expansion The Old Blood) is possible, planned, and dependent on you enjoying this first sequel.

Both could easily be some of the best PC FPS games.

News of a third game in the series was revealed on the E3 Coliseum stream in an interview, along with an absolutely incredible parody cartoon from Wolfenstein’s alt-history. Jerk Gustafsson, executive producer, said that them finishing the trilogy depends on how well Wolfenstein 2 does.

It’s also not a new plan. Creative director Jens Matthies explained they’ve been planning to make a trilogy since work began on the original game, hence Irene Engel gets promoted to primary antagonist in the sequel. The timeline decision of the first game will also be honoured – your pick of which companion character survives the opening carries over to Wolfenstein 2.

A few other tidbits were also revealed between this and GameSpot’s interviewwith the same development pair. You’ll be heading to New Orleans, New York, Roswell, and other parts of North America. B.J.’s signature knife-’n’-pipe have been replaced with a big ol’ hatchet, and dual wielding is now totally open – mix and match as you like.

If you don’t have time for the full interview, for the love of goodness skip to the 17 minute mark and watch the Blitzmensch teaser. It’s a thing of beauty.