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Wolfenstein: The New Order looked exactly like this at Gamescom


Wolfenstein: The New Order is out now; here’s our Wolfenstein: The New Order review.

Though we’d never heard of them when E3 began, I emerged at the other end very much in like with MachineGames, despite their hubristic dismissal of the humble space bar. I liked them because they hailed from Starbreeze, and seemed determined to build on the glories of that studio’s middle years. I liked them because Bethesda did, and I like to think they’ve a good eye for this sort of thing. And I liked them because they described Wolfenstein: The New Order not as an FPS but a “first person action-adventure” game. 

That’s precisely what Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness were – petri dishes for ambitious storytelling that just so happened to be interspersed with a lot of safe-but-satisfying shooting. Wolfenstein’s Gamescom footage promises much in that regard.

Be warned: there’s a couple of what might be considered minor spoilers, and one moment where BJ Blazkowicz is asked to retrieve a key. He’s older, then, but unreformed:

There was an odd moment there when my brain failed to process that Blazkowicz’s facecam was pointed 90 degrees higher than usual, and had to do some rapid readjustment. And then, NEEOWWM. Silly scripted stuff, but a bit clever with it, y’know?

Thanks, RPS.