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Wolfenstein reimagined as a super hard, WW2 Metroidvania

Wolfhound is the new Metroidvania on the block, and it combines gorgeous pixel art with twisted monsters and Wolfenstein inspirations.

a man with a gun and a tank firing in the background

Wolfenstein, but a Metroidvania. That’s a pretty concise and strong sell for upcoming indie game Wolfhound. Announced during this year’s Summer Game Fest, it’s a side-scrolling, pixelated shooter that looks tough as nails. Set in a clandestine Nazi base hidden on an island in the Bermuda triangle, you’ll fight Nazis and their abominable creations in this sci-fi Metroidvania.

We don’t have a release date or a demo for Wolfhound just yet, but the trailer for the upcoming Metroidvania game reveals a lot of the mechanics on offer, and I can’t wait to get hands on with it at some point. You play as captain Chuck ‘Wolfhound’ Rossetti, “a wise-cracking, one-man army who never leaves a pal behind.” After his plane is shot down, he wields multiple WW2-era weapons like the MP40, as well as some neat gadgets such as a jetpack, railgun, and gravity boots to fight through the Nazis and their twisted monsters. You can even upgrade them to pack an extra punch.

With a combination of rolls, dashes, and jumps, this Metroidvania looks as much a platformer as it is a shooter. Levels can be seen where Rossetti has to deftly climb up moving pulley systems, run away from a giant drill, and clamber around disappearing ledges. All this while also killing Nazis and monsters that apparently get even more “grotesque and dangerous” the deeper he probes into the island. It looks difficult but rewarding.

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The island upon which Wolfhound takes place is gorgeously rendered with stunning pixel art. If you prefer the vibe of CRT monitors, that effect is also an option you can switch to. You’ll get to explore ten interconnected levels, which you’ll presumably unlock more of as you get better gear and abilities.

With no demo or launch date set, you can still get your fill of great indie games while you wait. You can also dive into some Wolfenstein-esque FPS games to whet your appetite.

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