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9/10 Soviet city-building strategy game targets Steam launch in 2024

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic showcases new gameplay as it prepares to launch its campaign and leave Steam Early Access in 2024.

Workers and Resources Soviet Republic - A snow-covered town with a large statue of a red star in its square, in the deep simulation city builder from 3Division and Hooded Horse.

With Cities Skylines 2 off to a slightly rocky start, the city-building crown is open to potential challengers. Just as the Colossal Order and Paradox strategy game series stepped into the space left by EA’s SimCity in 2013, now players are looking at other options while CO works on improving CS2. Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is one such contender, and developer 3Division and publisher Hooded Horse share new details on the intricately simulated, economy-driven city builder as it targets a 2024 launch out of Steam Early Access.

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic tasks you with transforming “an impoverished country into a rich industrial superpower.” Its simulation of both your republic and the global economy around you is deep and intricate, and you’re handed complete control of all manner of aspects across your nation, making it a perfect fit for anyone looking for a more comprehensive and realistic addition to the best city-building games.

Already racking up a 92% Steam user rating from more than 13,000 user reviews during its four years in early access, Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is now setting its sights “firmly on 2024” for its 1.0 launch. During the run-up period, it’ll see the arrival of its campaign mode, which acts as a tutorial for the game’s many systems and puts you in the shoes of “a recently elected official of a fledgling ex-Soviet republic.”

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With various ministers by your side to help you with the different aspects of your newfound job, you’ll be able to learn how to build the foundations of a successful city and develop your industrial, agricultural, and cultural specialities as you push towards long-term prosperity for both the state and its people. The first two parts of the campaign are set to release “towards the end of January,” with the third part arriving “later in 2024.”

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is out now via Steam Early Access, with its full 1.0 release currently set to arrive in 2024. Expect to pay $39.99 / £34.99 if you’re looking to try it out now. Developer 3Division says it is not intending to increase the game’s base price upon its full launch.

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